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Ottavia Catenacci (1995) is an Italian dancer, choreographer and performer. She studied contemporary dance at Scuola del Balletto di Toscana (Florence). In 2019 she graduated with a BFA in Scenography from Urbino Fine Art Academy, during which she attended Vilnius Art Academy as an exchange student. In 2022 she graduated with a BFA in Dance and Choreography at the Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen, studying among others with Rasmus Ölme, Malin Astner, Tiziana Fracchiolla, Quim Bigas Bassart, Shai Faran, Anna Grip, Frederic Gies, and Alma Söderberg. She performed in pieces by Masako Matsushita, Maria Francesca Guerra, Samuel Feldhandler, Snorre Elvin, Renan Martins, Matija Ferlin and Iván Pérez. She has been working as an apprentice with Dance Theatre Heidelberg.

In 2019 she created her first solo Glory was at the fingertips, with which she was selected for Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore. To that followed the work A Bridge/in case you will forget (2020, produced by HangartFest) and godsibb (2022). She is currently collaborating with Ella Östlund in YOUR HEART OUT, a project that investigates the excessive emotions of fandom.

With her photography and video work, she has contributed to different group exhibitions: Remains (SHCH/ŠČ Gallery, Vilnius, LT), Guest Room (Der Greif, online) and Not Quite There (TRU Art Gallery, Canada).