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godsibb is a performance created by Ottavia Catenacci as her graduation project at Den Danske Scenekunstskole in 2022. The work was possible thanks to the important support of the dramaturg Amelia Tan (UK) and the sound designer Eliza Bozek (PL/DK). It was created mainly at DDSKS with a short residency at Art Printing House in Vilnius, Lithuania in December 2021. godsibb is a solo that hosts different characters and scenes. It uses props, lights, other theatrical tropes and movement to navigate some sort of story, generated through anonymous fiction donations. The process started from the desire to use external inputs as a motor of storytelling, investigating the artist’s mode of working, combining her scenography and visual art background with dance and performance making. The work deals with the question of how to transform static 2D elements - such as pictures, sketches and scores - into a moving 3D reality, making them stretch in time. Ottavia Catenacci invited people around her to donate any kind of fiction (be it a single word, a drawing, or a short story), which provided scope for the imagination and the content for the creation of scores. The ‘fiction cards’ were mixed, sorted and selected, then interpreted through a visual intuition. The fragmented fictional stories became part of a transformative world, where the heaviness of romanticism was lightened up, almost like poking up towards the light. As the passing of time, we are moved from a primordial world to the theatre space, witnessing the transformation of one/ many bodies into one/many characters.
choreography and performance: Ottavia Catenacci
dramaturgy: Amelia Tan
sound: Eliza Bozek/moltamole
duration: 33 minutes


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