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premiere 2024

YOUR HEART OUT is a dance performance for two dancers choreographed and performed by Ella Östlundand Ottavia Catenacci, in collaboration with the sound designer Eliza Bozek. YOUR HEART OUT is a work about fandom - defined as ‘the state of being a fan of someone or something, especially a very enthusiastic one’. It will premiere at Tårnby Park Studio in December ‘23, targeted to a young and adult audience (14+).

is a practice that appears in our society in different contexts: pop culture, sports, career, politics, religion, art, etc. At its extreme, it can be characterized by the irrationality of desires, beliefs, obsessions, hierarchy and admiration. Nevertheless, fandom brings people together and is a community builder. With this project we are building embodied knowledge on why people are fans, why people need an idol and what the shared emotional states between us all are when being a fan.

The work is rooted in a devotion to dance and to the body as an amplifier of human relationships. Using choreography as a constructive and destructive tool, we create a dance performance that uses fandom to display human complexities with humor, play and bitter ambiguity.

Choreography and performance:
Ottavia Catenacci and Ella Östlund