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Gossip Body

2023 (work in progress)

In this dance I train gossip. I train the transmission of stories of others who are no longer others. With one, I train many bodies. My gossips. My dear friends. In our bodies are all the dreams they have not heard yet.

In Gossip Body the performer - in the attempt to dance a story that hosts memories, fantasies and secrets - is caught between fiction and reality. Her body becomes a canvas for storytelling, while the choreography emerges through a collage of events and sketches.

The dance fills the empty space, drawing a landscape of paths and gestures, allowing characters to emerge and inhabit the room. It’s a visual journey, as a time-lapse of a lifetime of encounters.

The choreographic logic is akin to the practice of gossip: repeating what one hears or sees and borrowing, interpreting, scattering, synthesising. The same logic is offered to the spectator who, exposed to events and visual stimuli, picks up on these moments, surrenders to the associations and creates their own story.

The soundscape created by Eliza Bozek/moltamole is a composition that traverses different spaces and densities. It varies from the concreteness of earth materials, to the vibration of water, to the whisper of humans. It accompanies and activates the dance, filling the space where the body does not reach and creating atmospheres that support the imagination.

Gossip Body
started from the desire to explore storytelling by drawing on human relationships as a material for composition. Encounters are collected and transformed into scenes and characters that mingle, appear and dissolve. The narratives emerge from the words exchanged with others, from meetings with friends, colleagues and people who dwelled with me during my growth and artistic journey.
Choreography and performance: Ottavia Catenacci
Original Sound: Eliza Bozek/moltamole
Dramaturgical support: Amelia Tan

Excerpt Gossip Body

In April ‘23 Gossip Body was presented as a work in progress at One Hit Wonder #11, an evening for try-outs organized by Theatre Orchestra Heidelberg.