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Glory was at the fingertips


"I knew it for sure, if I could touch their fingers anything would be possible".

These are the words of those who, on 23 August 1989, joined their hands with two million other people forming a 600km-long chain from Tallinn to Vilnius across the three Baltic countries.

This event has gone down in history as the Baltic Way and represents a piece of history for Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians who, in the revolutionary wake of this event, managed to gain independence from the Soviet regime. On that occasion, touching one's neighbour's fingertips became a powerful gesture, through which the individual lent their body to the affirmation of the community.  The emotional legacy of this event is still alive today, thirty years later, and one can fully experience it by talking to those who took part in it. During a study period in Vilnius, Ottavia Catenacci was able to collect testimonies and emotions (oppression, determination, liberation) and drew inspiration from them.

Glory was at the fingertips pays homage to the Baltic Way and the hands of those people who, by touching each other for ten minutes, changed the course of history.
Choreography and dance: Ottavia Catenacci

Lights: Ottavia Catenacci, Alessandro Lucarini

Thanks to: AMAT MARCHE, Indipendance, Centro studi danza l'Etoile A.S.D. (Urbania, PU), Art Printing House (Vilnius), Michele Taurozzi, Arnas Danusas